St. John's Ministries Men's Shelter Dinners

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Who is St. John’s Ministries? This is a name that refers to our organization as a whole. St. John’s Ministries provides its services across four locations. At our two seasonal emergency shelters of last resort, we provide adults experiencing homelessness with a safe place to sleep during the harsh winter months. At the Micah Center and Wellspring, our two daytime resource centers, we equip adults experiencing homelessness – as well as community members at-risk – with the tools to achieve self-sufficiency. What is our mission? Our mission is to honor the dignity, restore hope and create lasting change for those experiencing homelessness or housing instability in the Green Bay community. At St. John’s Ministries, we believe that each person is unique, with the same inherent worth as the day they were born. We meet each of our guests right where they’re at and walk alongside them on their journey. Our vision is that through a spirit of familiarity, rapport and trust, each person will leave better than they came. The dinners you provide as part of this Meal Train directly impact our mission!

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