Meal Train® for St. John's Ministries Men's Shelter Dinners

St. John's Ministries Men's Shelter Dinners

Meal Train® for St. John's Ministries Men's Shelter Dinners


St. John's Ministries Men's Shelter Dinners


Brooke Graham of St. John's Ministries

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75 Adults

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5:00-5:30pm; begin serving around 5:45pm

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Notes and Reminders for Men’s Shelter You are signing up to provide and serve a meal at the Men’s Shelter, located at 411 St. John St. Meal teams will serve the meal also, but if that is not possible for your group, please let us know in advance and we will secure other volunteers for that. Meal Preparation: Meals must be cooked outside of the shelter and brought in ready to serve. Our operating agreement does not allow us to cook at the shelter. Food should be brought in containers that you can take back home with you or are disposable. The number of portions needed will fluctuate during the season, but you will find the current need in this section. Bringing the Meal in: Use the entry closest the kitchen. You can access the door by pulling in the rectory driveway off St. John’s Street. The entry door has a buzzer outside – ring and someone will let you in. Pull in and unload, then please move your vehicle to the parking lot on the other side of the building (accessible from the 400 block of S Jefferson St). Serving the Meal: The shelter opens and starts receiving guests at 5:00pm. Please plan on arriving with your food no later than 5:30 to set up. Serving runs 5:45-7:15pm. 4-6 people is a good-sized group for the shelter’s kitchen space. Please plan on serving until 7:15pm and clean up after yourselves. After that, hospitality volunteers will put together any meals needed by people coming in late. We ask that Meal Team members wear disposable gloves while serving and/or touching food. Besides the meal we ask you to bring: • 3-4 gallons of milk • 2-3 gallons of juice or a drink • paper plates, cups, and bowls- whatever is needed for your meal The shelter staff may ask you to make up some extra dinner plates for guests coming late from work- be sure to ask the Lead Volunteer or staff shift lead how many they want! Thank you for your willingness to share your love through your gift of cooking with our brothers and sisters at the Shelter. The love you share through this ministry sets the tone for our work – it communicates in a tangible way that every person is important and cared for at St. John’s. Thank you for the blessing you are to all of us.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

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