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The Davis Family


Update 8/8

Posted 08/08/2018 by Chelsea Doak

Update on Davis family- I talked with Tiffany last night and got a small update- her husband has no feeling in his left arm at all, can’t lift it, move it, wiggle fingers… nothing. Hopefully a surgery will be able to correct this problem! Her son Brenden (12) was in excruciating pain yesterday around 3pm so they took him into Riverbend ER (initially Tiffany and the kids were sent to peace harbor hospital in Florence and took Robbie right to Riverbend) and did another CT scan where they found he has a cracked sternum with a large hematoma behind it and fractured c2, c3, c4 and c5- fortunately, the surgeon came in and told them Brenden does not have to have surgery and they will fit him for a neck brace. If I have missed anyone in this email- please feel free to send it around so we can get some support for the family.