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**UPDATE** We are still keeping the meal donation slots that we have committed to even though it appears the workers will receive checks by the end of this week. Going more than 30 days without pay has put them in a financial crunch with late fees and such. Meals for ATC workers will stop this Friday at their request. TSA meals will continue through Feb. 8th. If there is another shutdown, we may add more volunteer spots at a later date. Please do check back to sign up to bring a meal if another shutdown happens.** TSA and ATC workers are among the 800,000 federal employees impacted by the federal shutdown. Most federal employees are furloughed, but TSA and ATC workers are continuing to work without pay. The fact that they are showing up for work every day is incredible. They are keeping travelers safe. If they are working, they cannot go look for other employment. And because they are technically working, they cannot even get unemployment benefits. While they cannot accept monetary donations or gift cards, we can feed them. And that's what we are going to do!

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