Gwen Cuvilier and family

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Dear Friends, This meal train is one way we can help Gwen and her family.Providing meals twice a week for the Cuvilier family means they can spend more time as a family and less time in the kitchen prepping meals. If you are able to help out, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks to the overwhelming response to the Meal Train request, all the days have been filled - in just a few short days! I have checked with Gwen and family, and we are adding Saturdays as another day for the Meal Train. So there are new spots for all of you wonderful people. Thanks so much for your generosity. Gwen really enjoys soups and is needing high protein and high caloric foods. And if you prefer to get a meal delivered, or a gift card for a restaurant, Gwen loves fish & chips, and the children enjoy Dairy Queen and Little Caesar's pizza! Gwen is very moved by everyone's wonderful response to keep her and her family well-fed.

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