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Dylan Steyns - Supplement/Health Support

Dylan Steyns - Supplement/Health Support

About this Meal Train

Your support in Dylan's recovery to good health is much appreciated. With his chemotherapy treatment in process and new baby Neko now here, we are wanting to create different ways of contributing to The Steyns Family. Below is a list of items that are in support of keeping Dylan healthy during his chemotherapy sessions and strong during his fight against cancer. If you wish to contribute please specify which items you will be dropping off on the date you volunteer. I will email you a couple of days before drop off to let you know which supplements Dylan is most in need of. Pip. Aloe Vera Juice -Inner Fillet (Brand:Lily of the Dessert) Turkey Tail (Brand: Host Defence) Tea Tree Oil Oil of Oregano (organic) Vitamin D Liquid (Brand: AOR) Omega 3 (Brand: NurtaSea) Multi-Vitamin (Brand: AOR) Vitamin B Complex (Brand: AOR) Milk Thistle (Brand: AOR) Organic Ginger Root for Juicing Organic Tumeric Root for Juicing Organic Kale Bunch for Juicing Organic Bunch of Beets with Leaf for Juicing

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