Jill Knouse + Family

About this Meal Train Plus page

All aboard for the love train ... Our Jill - our sweet, smart, epic, badass warrior goddess friend and teacher with the greatest smile in town, has a bumpy road ahead of her and has bravely asked for help. And as she would do for any of us (and has, speaking from experience!), it’s time to get on board! Jill, Michael, momma Carol, and fur-baby Addie Belle need our support - in the form of meals, dog walks, and other unforeseen errands - while Jill is recovering from surgery related to breast cancer. Starting April 29th, you have many an opportunity to bring some peace, love, and happiness to these incredible friends who have consistently shined their light over our community. Our community is large, and we’ve got a lot of love to give - over 30 people this week have reached out with offerings. We’re scheduling meals and dog walks consistently for the first two weeks (through May 14th), and will be adding dates & requests beyond that as needed. So keep checking back!

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