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Aguilera family

Aguilera family

About this Meal Train

LA County Fire Specialist, Germain Aguilera “Germ” was very recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, and it is undetermined at this time if it is cancerous. He will be going into surgery on Tuesday and will have more information about exactly what he is up against once this happens. While we don’t know the outcome yet, I know he is not fighting any of this alone. His beautiful wife Carla and their two young girls are with him, his family is with him, and we are with him. The entire fire family community stands with him. Firefighters are already stepping up to help with the remodel that they were in the middle of just before they were hit with this devastating news. There isn’t a more kind, more giving, more loving family. Germ is that person you want standing by your side through the biggest moments in your life, and now I ask that we all stand by him and his family’s side during one of the scariest moments in their life. Whether you do this through prayer, through donation, through words of support and encouragement.. I ask this amazing group to come together and help lift this family in their time of need. No one walks this journey alone..we are a fire family, and there isn’t a better family out there to be a part of. Thank you for your time, and for your love and support for the Aguilera family.


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