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I’m starting this Meal Train for my brother-in-law Steven Kotlewski. Steven is an twelve-year veteran of the Bensenville police department. He was the first to respond to a domestic call early morning on November 6th. Steven was shot multiple times while responding to this call. We’re all still in shock over this tragedy. We’d like for people to understand these stories you hear on the news of law enforcement officers getting injured in the field are not just cops. They’re sons & daughters, they’re husbands & wives, and they’re parents and friends to many. They are human beings doing their job to protect and serve our communities and keep us safe. I’d like to start by thanking everyone for the ongoing, outpouring of prayers and support for Steven and our family. I’d also like to thank all the men and women in Blue; both active and retired for your service. Our family would like to personally thank the Bensenville Police Department, especially the officers who aided Steven in the field and because of their fast-acting, saved Steven’s life. Steven was shot 8 times while responding to this call. He took one shot to his back which was stopped by his vest and a second to the back under his vest. He also suffered multiple shots to both legs. He came out of a 9-hour surgery on his legs which were both completely shattered, only to go back into surgery where they repaired his kidney, liver, colon, and diaphragm, along with repairs his pelvis. He's currently in the ICU. He is scheduled for another surgery to repair both knees. He is currently in a medically induced coma because he’s not strong enough to breathe on his own. Our family is pulling together to help my sister Crystal & the kids all we can in their time of need!! Prayers are still needed!!! Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated whether it’s monetary, a meal cooked for his family, happy meals delivered to the kids, or a prayer said in Steven’s name. Again, we’re very grateful for all the prayers and support.



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