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Sue Kerr and Laura Dunhoff need our help! Sue is suffering with illness and Laura is swamped at work. Lend a hand to those who have helped so many! Meals are extremely helpful and take the stress out of this essential task. Meals and deliveries can be made to 1439 W. North Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15233 For grubhub or gift cards email is NOTE FROM SUE KERR- "Thanks for reading about our meal train. As you may know, I've been dealing with a mystery illness for several years that has taken a toll on my day to day life. One huge challenge is making sure I'm eating enough each day because of my symptoms. I have lost 50 lbs without explanation in under a year and the impact is that I'm weaker, tired, and basically, not hungry. My wife, Laura, has been fantastic through all of this, but she's had to pick up so much of the household work plus her job obligations - she's stretched pretty thin. We just need a little break to get through a tough time at work and this period of time I'm waiting to see a new round of specialists. A friend suggested this and my therapist thinks it is a great option. I am easily overwhelmed by things simple as rearranging the freezer (that takes a lot of concentration and focus) so day to day is ideal. You can read more on my blog about my health journey if you like. I've worked with two nutritionists to address how to eat now. They want me to eat anything that appeals to me, I don't need to worry about cholesterol, etc. Laura does a bit. But I was advised to pasta alfredo or something similar every week - now that's not what you expect, right? But it works if I eat a cup and a cup the next day. So lots of cheesy things. I have to minimize diet or low fat items because they go against the goal here. I'm to eat more refined pastas, rices and not so much whole grains (I'm reading this from her list.) Don't worry - my blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney functions, are all great. They are measured regularly. I can eat gluten, I don't drink dairy milk by choice (I prefer oat or soy), but no worries about adding it to a recipe. I'm not allergic to anything. I don't like olives or chili." We love to try new foods, but my options are very limited right now. Here are some things that we typically eat at home and I could eat now. Grilled chicken/pork chops (no marinade) Pulled pork sanwiches/sloppy joes Roast beef/pot roast/ Meat substitutes are fine with us, too. We eat vegetarian and vegan foods. Pierogies (no onions) Macaroni and cheese Lasagna Pasta dishes - spaghetti with meat sauce or fake meatballs, fettucin alfredo, baked ziti, an pasta with steamed vegetables, any sort of cream/cheese sauce Casseroles - chicken divan, tuna casserole, chicken and rice, squash casserole, biscuits/dumplings and gravy, chicken noodle casserole, macaroni/beef/tomatoe, pot pie Foil baked meals - but no peppers, onions, garlic, etc. Sides - potatoes, rice, pasta, risotto - just gotta be boring and stick with white rice and not get too multi-grainey on the pastas Soups - we both like soup. I'll try any soup that's not tomato bisque and not spicy (right now) Veggies - except for peppers and onions, most of these are fine. Asian/Indian/etc meals - i can eat simple things like honey chicken, pad thai, fried rice with proteins. I can't handle things like Kung Pao chicken or similar complicated recipes. I just pick out the protein. I really like Indian foods with korma sauces that are incredibly mild. Most Indian food available to go right now is just too rich for me. There are few burritos I can deconstruct and eat - no peppers, onions, etc. Sandwiches - I love a nice simple turkey sandwich, i love egg salad (no onions or extras) I just have to avoid mustards, pickles, relishes, etc. I just can only eat about 1/3 of a typical sandwich at a time. Breakfast foods - I love any eggs which do translatee well to casseroles, right? A dozen hard boiled eggs is perfect. Muffins, even doughnuts to jump start my appetite. I do eat cereal with oat milk a lot for lunch and dinner so not so much breakfast. I love pancakes a lot and waffles, too. I have no problem with breakfast for dinner sort of thing. Love egg mcmuffins and when I have energy will make at home. Other stuff - we eat apple sauce, just plain. We love cheese. We both love corn bread and soft dinner rolls and most bread, but its hard to eat a loaf before it goes bad or has to be put in the small freezer. Desserts/sweets - a simple cake with buttercream frosting, pies, brownies, etc - I just have to monitor my symptoms and sometimes I can have one bite or sometime a whole serving. Varies day by day. We both like cookies. No chocolates or fancy confections - those do not appeal to me. What I really like right now is cinnamon rolls. It changes. Also, we have a crock pot so pouring something pre-made into it in the morning and letting it works its magic is fine. That I can do. The main thing is to keep it bland or not spicy and not complicated for me to assemble. Else I'll just give up, eat a slice of american cheese, and go about my day. "

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