Meal Train for

Greg Herd & Family

About this Meal Train

On January 3rd, 2018, PJ Herd, former Canyon alumni and son of our beloved Plant Manager, Greg Herd, was a victim of a gunshot by an unknown assailant. The bullet struck him in the back as he dove to shield his two small children. PJ suffered major injuries to vital organs and has lost the feeling in his legs. PJ is currently in a rehabilitation center and the family is hopeful for a full recovery, but they have a long and costly road ahead. Doctors have determined that he can move into the care of Greg’s home starting this Friday, January 26th. Being a full time working parent is already challenging on it’s own, but having to add the weight of now caring for your paralyzed son and his two small children will be quite trying for Greg. Here’s where the amazing Canyon community comes in. There are many ways that you can help ease the burden of this for Greg and his family: 1. Donate Funds: The medical costs are already astronomical and will continue to mount for many months, if not years to come. The family is in need of financial assistance to ensure that PJ gets the best possible medical care and treatment. 2. Provide Meals: A calendar has been set up for Mondays-Fridays for individuals or families to provide dinners for Greg and his family. Taking away the need to cook each night will allow him to spend the time with his son and grandchildren and focus on PJ’s recovery. 3. Donations: Select a donation of your own in the form of a gift card, meal card, Visa card, groceries, etc. Any such gifts can be left in the school office in an envelope with his name on it. 4. Share this need with family and friends on social media. Donations (monetary or meals) can be made by visiting: No amount is too small! Fortunately, Greg was able to take some time off work to be with PJ but is obviously back at work. His son has a long road ahead of him and Greg will be by his side and support him in any way he can. Coming to work provides a good distraction for Greg, although I’m sure his mind is always on his son. Although Greg is appreciative of everyone checking in on him, he respectfully asks to not have to talk about this at school. I know that we are all coming from a place of care and concern, but right now, it is just too raw, difficult and overwhelming for him to have to think about his son’s accident or rehabilitation while at work. When I asked Greg what we could do to support him, his answer was “pray”. I have assured him that he has a VERY supportive community at Canyon and that we are his family and here to support him in any way we can. At this point, please respect his wishes to not be approached about this. Please be sure to share this with any other Canyon families or alumni as you deem appropriate. Thank you for your understanding and prayers for Greg and his family during this difficult time.