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The Husband Family

The Husband Family

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Steve's Story: Taken from Susan's blog, December 2014. "It was almost exactly one year ago when, on an ordinary afternoon of school and chores, I found my husband, whom I thought was in his office fielding business calls, on the bathroom floor completely overcome with uncontrollable anxiety. I immediately dropped to my knees, reaching out to wrap my arms around the broken man who fought desperately to hide his swollen tear-filled eyes behind the cover of calloused hands. I had hoped and prayed that this day would never come.  Just six months earlier, Steve began experiencing sensations of numbness and tingling in his hands and occasionally his feet.  The symptoms were sporadic, so we both gave it little attention until one day he came home from work bothered by uncontrollable muscle twitches on the backs of his legs, and a disturbing inablity to concentrate or focus on daily tasks. I'll never forget the look in his eyes as he explained to me how bothersome the twitching and foggy brain symptoms were.  It was a look of both worry and fear.  That day was the beginning of a long and arduous process of researching illnesses that might be associated with Steve's symptoms. Eventually, we narrowed the symptoms down to what we believed could be Multiple Sclerosis, ALS or Neurological Lyme Disease. After weeks of appointments, phone calls, more research and tests, Steve was given the Lyme diagnosis. ...Everyday we are devoted to researching possibilities and opportunities for potential treatments of the disease. Steve's symptoms continue to change from week to week and their frequency and severity is often unpredictable, which makes understanding the disease a monumental task. To watch someone you love so much, someone who has always been in perfect health, suffer so greatly is a mighty cross to bear.  And, yet, as I say that, I can also speak with complete confidence that Lyme disease is not something that has happened to Steve, but rather something that has happened for him.  Our crosses are often a gift, a mercy meant to bear a particular fruit in our lives if we are willing to offer ourselves unreservedly to the Father, trusting in his great plan and purpose. We pray daily for Steve's healing, but we pray even more that he might be a docile and loving servant of the Lord, submitting himself freely to accept with humility the greatest good that can possibly come of all of this.  If it be healing than praise the Lord, and if it be to suffer the terrible pains of mind and body as well as the physical limitations that the Lyme brings, then Praise Him Still." --2014. 2016 --This was Susan's blog from two years ago. As many of you know, the Husband family hasn't received the blessing of healing that they hoped might happen. Despite the immense burden of chronic illness, they continue to praise God and accept whatever challenges come their way. Currently, Steve is seeking assistance at a clinic in Florida that specializes in treating people with Lyme disease and other chronic health conditions. Because so many wonderful family and friends have asked how they might be able to ease the burden for the Husband family, we decided this would be the very best way to mobilize the generosity so wonderfully expressed. NOTE: WITH 3/7 BOYS TAKING NAPS, WE HAVE DECIDED ALL MEALS SHOULD BE DELIVERED TO JENNIFER MAI IN ORDER TO KEEP TRAFFIC IN/OUT OF HOUSE A MINIMUM. PLEASE CONTACT HER FOR DELIVERY TO HER HOUSE AT 620-271-2772. Currently, we are asking for assistance with frozen meals. (PLEASE CLICK ON GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR HELPFUL TIPS) If you are unable to help with a meal, we have provided an option at the bottom left of this page for donations which will help offset paper goods, perhaps an occasional treat of Papa John's Pizza.


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