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The Shelter now accepts meals that are kosher, non-kosher, vegetarian, homemade or any restaurant take-out or delivery. In trying to maintain a safe environment, we request meals that can be easily subdivided into containers by the shelter staff in the kitchen at the shelter. The containers will be provided by the shelter, and washed and reused. A microwave will be available for the women to reheat their meal, as needed. Obviously if the food arrives in individual containers, we will serve it that way. We hope this will reduce contact between the staff and the food and make everyone feel comfortable with the food handling. We are still working out many details, keeping in mind the vulnerability of homeless women at this time. Certainly we will update you with any changes that may affect the meals we count on, but for now are hoping to fill in the calendar with our loyal volunteer At the end of last season we received a thank you note from a shelter guest that read “ From the very first meal to the very last as I set to depart Rebecca’s Tent, they were amazing, delicious and healthy, oh sooo healthy and good. With heartfelt thanks and much humility, I thank each and everyone for the nourishing meals I have received. I’m sure all the players and team leaders worked some sort of magic to be spot on, every day. The love, good wishes and being just amazing people was and is deeply felt to my core. Thank you God’s chosen people.. you will never be forgotten…”

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