Meal Train for

Adam's Family


More dates!

Posted 04/17/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

A few more dates added!


New dates added

Posted 04/07/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

New dates have been added to the calendar. We are now doing meals every three days to ensure all the food will be eaten and enjoyed :). Sara


More Dates Added

Posted 03/18/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

Hi All, We have added a few more dates in April! If this is your first time signing up to provide a meal for the Adams family please read the instructions at the top of the page. THANK YOU for loving and providing for Jasmine and her family this way. Sara



Posted 02/26/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

Hi everyone! We have opened up more dates on the calendar if you are interested in signing up again :) Sara


Re-start meal train

Posted 02/05/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

Hi everyone, Thank you SOOO much for your generosity in providing meals for Christine, Brad, Eli and Jasmine. These meals have allowed them to focus all their energy and time on helping Jasmine through her first round of Chemo. After talking to Christine’s mom we have decided to re-open the calendar for this meal train but we will be doing every other day. This will give them a chance to enjoy all the delicious meals they are receiving. Just a reminder that all food should be gluten and dairy free and should be dropped off in a freezer friendly (and disposible) container. Another option if you cannot make a meal is to get a Skip the Dishes gift card. This is a great option as it allows the family to have food delivered to the hospital when they are there. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Change in drop off location

Posted 01/24/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

Hi All, Connie Taillon (Christine's mom) has requested that meals be dropped off at her house now. She has a Coleman cooler outside of her front door where you can drop off the meal. She checks it periodically so no need to knock on the door or let her know it's there. Please let me know if you have any questions. The address is 17 Riverview Close, Cochrane, AB. Thank you again for blessing Jasmine and her family. Sara


Meal Containers

Posted 01/22/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

Hi Everyone, I forgot to mention this before but please make sure to put meals in disposible containers or containers that you don’t need back. This will help the family not worry about returning containers to the right people :). Thank you again for blessing Jasmine and her family this way. Sara


Meal for Adams

Posted 01/21/2019 by Sara Schmidtke

Hi everyone, your response has been overwhelming. THANK YOU for loving on Jasmine and her family in this way. We have temporarily paused the meal train calendar. We want to ensure that they are able to enjoy the food that will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. We will resume the meal train calendar once we have an idea of their meal needs after these first 2 weeks. I will send an email once we resume. Thank you again, you are all so wonderful. Sara