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The Michael Shields Family

The Michael Shields Family

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We have known Mike since he was in junior high. He has always been a caring kid and now a caring man, father and Husband. Mike was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer a little while ago. He continued to work during chemo, until the company both he and his wife worked for closed its doors. Their family budget has been reduced to unemployment. Then, added to that, the house he and his family were living in was part of his salary. So, they had to move with no income. Mike called us just the other day and let us know the doctors have said things are not looking as though he will have much longer here on earth with all of us. So now is the time we need to rally around the family. Lets all be the extended family for them so they do not have to be concerned with things other than loving on each other for a while. Thank you in advance for stepping in and stepping up. If you are not from this area, I will be more than happy to accept a cash app amount and purchase something and send to them, I will then send you a receipt of the purchase.


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