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Updates Incarnation House Closed😢 Posted Nov 29, 2021 by Devone Jackson of Incarnation House With a very heavy heart I’m canceling all your scheduled meal deliveries. Sorry for such late notice but I was informed via my husband’s voicemail this afternoon by board President Diann LaRose that Incarnation House would close immediately. Let me express how grateful I personally am to each of you that have provided for 35 poverty stricken teens. Your meals and donations often helped an entire family that will be affected by the untimely shutdown. Please know you made an amazing difference in their day. They often would call and ask “what’s for dinner?” as to have something to look forward to. You’ve been a blessing. Many of you had offered to help with Christmas items, that being said my husband and myself still plan to deliver their Christmas wish list. Please contact me for delivery options if you’d still like to help. Our prayers God willing he provides away to reopen our doors for our deserving students. You made a place in their heart to know that people really do care. Thank you! Devone Jackson

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