Carree Meyers

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Carree had not seen her son, Ed Huffman, in over a year as he was abducted by his father. Carree remained hopeful that he would return. All that came to devastating end, when she received notification that he had taken his life Saturday, May 13th. The true extent of her loss is beyond imaginable for many of us. She need her community more than ever for love and support. Sometimes in a great tragedy we don't know how to help. This meal train is one way. You can select to bring her food, have groceries or restaurants delivered, schedule maid services or donate funds to cover costs that may arise. Ed will be missed by family and friends. We need to be especially mind full of Carree, Cozi and Milo. This link will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Because of the circumstances surrounding Ed's death, media attention may be likely. Please allow the family to grieve in their own way. Please keep them in the high regards in your thoughts and mind, sending loving thoughts or prayers of your practice.

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