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WIND Youth Services is an organization that serves homeless youth in Sacramento. Ages range from 14 to early twenties. Many of these kids have “graduated” from foster care only to find themselves on the street. WIND runs several emergency shelters and works tirelessly to help youth find permanent, independent living situations. WIND feeds about 50 youth per day at their downtown center. A standard lunch may include a main course, a fruit, and a treat. Consider extras like a salad, chocolate milk, or juice boxes. Foods to avoid: The weekly menu for the center includes Spaghetti and Garlic Toast, Hot Dogs, Loaded Nachos, and Chicken and Rice, so consider avoiding these. You can find menu ideas and links to tips on cooking for a crowd on our website in the Volunteer/Wind Lunch Program page. Starting 2023, Wind is unable to accept food that is not made in a commercialized kitchen. Pre-cooked food from the grocery store, catering from restaurants, or ordering delivery to the building are all acceptable ways to give if you do not have access to a commercial kitchen. If you are unable to provide a full meal but still want to contribute, you can sign up to provide a part of a meal on the Wind Sign Up Genius: WIND’s beautiful downtown center on 8th and S Streets is a day-use facility which houses WIND’s own education and career counselors, health care professionals, computer work stations, laundry, kennel, an emergency clothing closet and shower facilities, etc. Other homeless assistance programs also share space in the facility. Here is a link to the website if you are interested in learning more: Thank you for signing up. You ARE making a difference!

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