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West End 24 Hour Safe Space

About this Meal Train

Hello again! As you all are aware in this new world of COVID-19 there has been quite a few adjustments to our programming here WE24. We have thankfully been able to remain open with adjusted hours and are still feeding youth in our community every night. We have also been supporting youth who are self-isolating off-site with food and resources as well. Our staff team has been rocking these uncertain times with care and commitment to our youth and its truly inspiring! With that being said we feel confident in the new flow of programming and safety precautions to open up the meal donations again. We are so grateful for the past success of WE24 Meal Train and the only reason it stopped was because of the uncertainty of the pandemic and the safety precautions needed. Going forward we have adjusted some of our asks, detailed here: -Meals of sandwiches, wraps, veggies, burritos, and other foods that are easy to "grab and go" -Snacks to go along with the sammie or wrap could be fruit, juice boxes, granola bars, cookies, water bottles! -Please drop off in disposable containers, bags etc and not containers you would like returned as we want to limit the number of people coming to and from the building -Please no styrofoam! Thank you :) -Drop off time will be Monday to Friday evening between 11am-7pm at 430 Langside st. Just knock on the front doors, once you see a staff coming you can leave it in front of the doors and we will give ya wave, a socially distanced hello and pick it up or you can always text or call staff at 204-333-9681 If you have any questions message us through here or the WE24 direct phone number 204-333-9681 or We love this community so much, if you ever have donated a meal or plan to in the future we are so so thankful! <3

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