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West End 24 Hour Safe Space

West End 24 Hour Safe Space

About this Meal Train

WE24 is going SEVEN NIGHTS A WEEK all winter long and we NEED your help! Each night that we are open we serve a full meal at 11:30pm. It greatly reduces the cost to run the program if someone in the community is able to provide this meal! While we typically serve 55-60 people each night, we keep it really simple! Think grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta bake, chili, etc. (more ideas in the "favourite meals" section). Every time someone signs up, the staff of the 24 Hour Safe Space do a happy dance, feel supported by you, and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Every time someone signs up you help feed some truly incredible young people who just need a little extra love and support - especially around the holiday season! Will you help? Sign up today!

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