Meal Train® for 2023 Helen Wright Center for Women

2023 Helen Wright Center for Women

Meal Train® for 2023 Helen Wright Center for Women

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2023 Helen Wright Center for Women


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Allergies or Restrictions

Please keep in mind dietary restrictions, medical restrictions, or religious restrictions. Avoid major allergens (e.g., peanuts) and have a non-meat option (or meat that can be easily removed, such as serving meatballs instead of ground meat spaghetti sauce).

Food For

65 Adults

Drop-Off Time

Dinner delivery time is 6:30 pm.

Special Instructions

HELPFUL HINTS For purchasing, preparing, and serving meals at Urban Ministries’ Helen Wright Center for Women Thank you for your continued support of the Helen Wright Center. All meals are provided by volunteers; therefore, your help is a vital part of our work with the guests in residence at the Center. Here are some things that will help you as you plan your meal: PREPARING: -We are holding pretty steady between 63-68 women at the Helen Wright Center. Please prepare a full meal to feed all of the women. If you are unable to provide the requested amount of 65 meals, please reach out to other donors to see if they would be willing to split the meal obligation. Meals should include: -A full meal for each woman present -Dinner can be anything you like. -Drinks (e.g., bottles of water, tea, lemonade, fruit juice, or a carafe of coffee). The Center has an ice machine. If you do not feel comfortable dropping off food at the Helen Wright Center, you may have food delivered. What to bring: -Please bring your food already cooked. We are able to reheat your food, if necessary. -We ask that plates, cups and eating utensils are included with the dinner donation as shelter supplies are limited. The shelter will provide leftover containers. ARRIVING: The Helen Wright Center is located at 3603 Bastion Lane in Raleigh. When to arrive at the Center: Meal timings: -Dinner is served at 7pm. -Please drop-off your food or have your food delivered at the Helen Wright Center 30 mins prior to mealtime for dinner. -You may also STAY TO SERVE the meal as well if you like. When you arrive at the Center: -Ring the doorbell and the on-duty staff will greet you to take your food. Serving the food: -Welcomed and encouraged to serve but certainly don't have too. CONTACTING THE CENTER: -Please contact the on-duty Helen Wright Center staff via phone 919-833-1748. THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING! We encourage you to visit our website at to learn more about the Helen Wright Center for Women.

Meal Drop-Off Location

Raleigh, NC


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