IMPORTANT: We are recommending all Meal Trains utilize Restaurant or "Contact-Free" delivery when providing support during COVID-19. Learn More
Bolingbrook Medical/Surgical

About this Meal Train

Sign up for this Meal Train for the hospital staff at Bolingbrook Hospital, specifically for their 3rd floor which recently was converted to the hospital's official COVID-19 unit. Sending meals to hospitals allows restaurants to use supplies and give employees hours while feeding the people working around the clock to fight COVID-19. Please sign up for a date and coordinate with any local food establishments for the delivery of the food directly. No personal deliveries or home-cooked meals at this time please. Due to visitor restrictions all deliveries must be picked up at the main entrance (Entrance 1) by a staff member. Delivery drivers are to call the Charge Nurse clerk at (630) 312-2625 to notify of arrival. Please support local businesses and our diligent healthcare heroes. These donations are very much appreciated by the nurses, doctors, and ENTIRE staff who are working on the front lines in our COVID-19 unit. Thank you

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