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Stella hasn’t spoken nor been truly awake since she was in the ambulance and the seizures were coming more often and she would struggle to breath during them. She was given Versaid in the ambulance to give some sedation and it helps break the seizures. That’s the last I know she heard me speaking to her for sure. This has been gut wrenching and heart beating outside of my mouth, anxiety filled night. Both dad and I spent the night trying to get some zzz’s but not really coming. The oscillator she’s on to help her breathe is incredibly loud and it’s white noise constantly masks the nurses voices unless we step close to them. It’s like having Stella’s lungs continuously inflated with an unnatural shaking. It’s supposed to be easier on her very sick lungs as it’s been described to us. Most likely viral and being treated with a couple IV antibiotics to cover that they also realize this could be a flare of her chronic Graft vs Host Disease and affecting her lungs. She’s had at least 3 lung X-rays and and more recent are worse. There is nothing dad and I can do but hold Stella’s hand and talk to her. I keep flexing her feet and arms/hands to help the accumulation of fluid move out. She’s gotten tremendous amounts of fluids and her face and neck as well as hands and feet have swollen up similarly to when she lost her kidney function until she needed dialysis. Right now they have a catheter in her to drain urine she makes from her body and it will help along with Lasix; drugs that make you make pee. Cultures from her blood in her line will take up to 48 hours before we may have more of an answer. She had a CT Scan to make sure she didn’t have any brain bleed but she really will need a MRI to rule out P.R.E.S. (Brain swelling) like she’s had before. ** 834AM from Jen 2/9/2020

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