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The Whiteside Family

The Whiteside Family

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Meal Train to provide support for the Whiteside family after the tragic loss of their husband and father. The goal is to have meals delivered to them so there is food around and also to give people a way to reach out and show their support. This is for Tricia and Griffin and then on Sunday Griffin's partner Julia will be arriving as well. They are not seeking monetary donations but it's activated on here and we can't turn it off, so if you want to send food but aren't local you can donate money and it can be used for groceries or meals, or you can choose the grub hub gift card option. It's set up for "breakfast or lunch" or "dinner" each day but any meal at any time of day is appreciated and every day doesn't necessarily need both. If you aren't sure what to get, Julia Chelnokov (941-993-7955) can help with direction. Thank you!


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