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The Witmer/Shahdadi Family

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As some of you already know, Lynne was recently diagnosed with stage 4A squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsils and lymph nodes. Lynne's treatment for this type of cancer has included both chemotherapy and radiation, and began on Thursday, October, 13th. While the prognosis is great, the next several months of treatment and recovery are going to be grueling. There is much to do to prepare and many ways you can help! Several dates have been added to meal train for those of who you like to cook or enjoy ordering out, and want to deliver a personally cooked or purchased meal on specific days throughout the week. There is a list of favorite meals and restaurants under the "General Instructions" section. Please make sure to reference the dietary and allergy restrictions listed, as there are some foods of which Lynne cannot partake. Gift cards for food have been really helpful and are a wonderful option for those looking for a fast and easy way to be of assistance. Meal Train is partnered with GrubHub and there are a slew of restaurants and other delivery services for which you can purchase gift cards of varying denominations. You can even get gift cards for grocery delivery through Instacart to insure they have loads of healthy fruits and veggies for all the amazing soups and smoothies Lynne will be consuming over the next few months. Another wonderful way to help is by purchasing items off of the Amazon wish list of needed items. The things that have already been sent to the home have been greatly appreciated. Click here if you'd like to send an item or two: The cost of cancer treatment is astronomical and not all aspects of cancer-care are covered under insurance. Any donations to aid with medical bills is greatly and humbly appreciated. Just click on the "Donations" section on the left-hand side of the screen. Thank you everyone for your love, time, consideration and support. It really does take a village to get through this crazy thing called life, and we are humbled to have such an amazing group of people in our corner.


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