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Elizabeth "Betty" Stark

About this Meal Train

Betty is back home after her bad fall and surgery on her hip. She is slowly and cautiously using a walker and managing to look as pretty as always! Her small family (son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter with Betty's two small great-granddaughters here in LJ) have always been her support and help. However, they are having their own very serious health issue(s) making it more difficult to help Betty as much as in the past. Betty has agreed to receiving meal train meals, but said she would feel safest if only one person brings the food in and assists her with it. Since I have been bringing food to her for a few years, including cautiously through COVID, she would like me to be the one to actually do that, so I will be honored to. I am sure she would love to have phone calls and cards, and would love to greet, hug, and thank everyone personally, but has to be very careful, not only for herself, but for her son and his family. PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL THE DETAILS BELOW FOR HER LIKES AND DISLIKES AND DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS DURING COVID. If you give Betty a call, or leave her a voice message, please speak up loud and clear because she does have difficulty hearing sometimes. She has a physical therapist coming in, and a nurse visit once a week, but due to Danny's situation, her small, close family is under a lot of stress right now and all of them could sure use your prayers! You may be able to tell that Ms. Betty is one of my favorite people by time you read all this! :)

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