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On July 14th, Kristen O'Neill was caught in a landslide on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. She was very critically injured, completely shattering her pelvis and the entire left side of her rib cage, irreparably damaging one kidney and collapsing her left lung. She had blood clots in her lungs and air in her brain. Once evacuated to Flagstaff Medical Center, she received 5 surgeries and 3 blood transfusions to keep her alive. She was moved from the intensive care unit of the hospital and into the Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona where she is receiving intensive therapy to strengthen her damaged body, but she will be bound to a wheelchair and can not bear any weight on her legs for 8 weeks. Although the Rehab facility is top notch, their kitchen is unable to regularly accommodate her dietary needs which are pescatarian (fish only, no meat) gluten and sugar free. She also does not do Mayo. Once Kristen is able to transition back home, she will not be able to easily cook for herself, so that's where dinners will really be needed and greatly appreciated. If all the designated meal spaces are full, GrubHub gift cards are more than welcome! Kristen, her caregivers, friends and family thank you very much for contributing healthy food to help her body repair itself as best and quick as it can.


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