Meal Train for

Kristen O'Neill


Meal Train is back for Kristen!

Posted Oct 14, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Hello- Thank you all so much for your support over the last months. Susan is heading home and Kristen and Liam would love to get the Meal Train back up and running. With much gratitude, Melissa


Let's pause on food until October 5th

Posted Sep 28, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Hello everyone- Your graciousness and generosity has been incredible! Susan (Liam's mom) is currently staying with Kristen and they have been so grateful for all of the prepared meals and bags of groceries. However, we are asking for a pause on food donations until Oct. 5th so Susan can catch up with all the goodies that folks have been supplying and make some delicious and nutritious food for Kristen. Thank you all so much for your overwhelming generosity and love. What an amazing community we have. With much gratitude, Melissa


Note from Kristen...

Posted Sep 23, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Hello Friends, Family and all the care givers, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH I could not have made it without you ALL!! My gratitude and self esteem rose every time we got a meal at our door, when I got a visitor, or someone holding my hand. I have included new xrays for you to check out. At this point, you can feel all of my bones pretty easily. I weigh 111 Pounds, about 25 pounds less than normal. Can we please keep this love flowing? I am still in need of help here and there, especially for drop-off meals, since it will be a while before I can cook. I would also greatly appreciate someone stopping by to water all my plants every once and a while. Here is the link for Meal Train and the link for GoFundMe, should you have money to share: Thank you Thank You THANK YOU! I know everybody is hurting right now, Thank you to all who have been helping anonymously.


Kristen's Meal Train

Posted Sep 22, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Hello everyone- I will share Kristen's recent post on the Meal Train page, but in a nutshell, they could still use some help! I have added another month to the Meal Train and we appreciate anything that you can give. Please pass this on to others that you think might be interested. Thanks so much. Your love and support for Kristen and Liam is so appreciated on so many levels. With gratitude, Melissa


From Kristen on Sept. 1st...

Posted Sep 9, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Kristen’s discharge from the rehab hospital was two weeks ago, and the ensuing days have been challenging. Managing her own recovery at home is a huge undertaking, and her dad, Mike, has been with her full time as caregiver. Liam has returned to work on the river but is home for a few days between trips. While encouraged by their reports of her continued recovery, traveling to a doctor's appointment in town is an all-day endeavor and leaves little time or energy for whatever else must be accomplished in one day. A task as normally simple as taking a shower requires time, forethought, and someone to help. Amazingly, Kristen has been creating lesson plans for her classes at Flagstaff High since the semester began and anticipates a real-life return to class in mid-September. She could do none of this without the support of friends and colleagues everywhere who have stepped forward with endless love and support. You are so appreciated. If you are in Flag, a call or short visit would be so appreciated-sometimes it takes a bit to respond. Each day seems pretty short right now. This is going to be a long journey.


Kristen is Home!

Posted Aug 20, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Hello- Thanks so much to everyone who has provided food already, it is so appreciated. Kristen is now back at home so food can be dropped off at 1701 E Mountain View Ave #4 Flagstaff, AZ Her Dad is there with her and Liam will be getting off the river in a few days, so we have upped the number of people to provide for to three. Thank you again for helping out!! Best, Melissa


The Meal Train is back!

Posted Aug 10, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Kristen returned to the Rehab Hospital this morning, yay!


Pause on the Meal Train

Posted Aug 9, 2021 by Melissa McMaster

Thanks so much for your interest and willingness to help feed Kristen good food. We are temporarily putting a pause on the Meal Train as Kristen gets her pain under control and figures out what is going on with her kidney. We will let you know as soon as she is ready for home cooked meals. Much gratitude.