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Greg and Cherie Johnson

About this Meal Train

On Tuesday, March 23rd, Greg was rushed to the ER by his wife Cherie Johnson with abdominal pain. Upon examination and tests, it was determined that Greg had a potentially dangerous obstruction and had to undergo emergency surgery the following day. During that surgery, the doctors discovered a mass and performed a biopsy. That mass was later confirmed as cancer. While Greg’s doctors were able to successfully treat his obstruction, the news of the cancer was an unexpected and devastating blow to both Greg and Cherie. Aside from the challenges Greg faces in recovering from the invasive surgery he’s just endured (which in itself will involve special care and rehabilitation in the weeks ahead), he is now faced with many months of radiation treatment, chemo, and additional surgeries. As you can imagine, this has been a life-changing event for both Greg and Cherie; Greg was forced into taking an immediate leave of absence from his job and Cherie has had to dramatically cut her hours at work to help with her husband’s treatment and recovery. Both Greg and Cherie have been extremely active in the Blues/ Music community for many years, supporting hundreds of musicians as well as innumerable music industry events and workers. In particular, they’ve always stepped up in a big way when others have been stricken with cancer or other serious illness. Now, it’s Greg and Cherie who need our help. Please, show your support for this amazing, loving couple as they cope with the medical crisis they’re facing. The upcoming weeks ahead will be critical as Greg undergoes more testing to see how far his cancer has advanced. We all know how hard it is to cook and do all the other necessary caring things that one does so this meal train is built to allow others to send low fat and low fiber dinners to Greg and Cherie as a loving gesture.

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Debby Espinor
Monday, May 31, 2021
Praying as always


Friday, Apr 30, 2021
with you ,


Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021
sending a little something


Sunday, Apr 4, 2021


Mary Cummings
Saturday, Apr 3, 2021
LOVE TO YOU BOTH! With our love & support, you can do this!


Clay and Betsy Clayton
Saturday, Apr 3, 2021
Sending Greg healing vibes!


Denise Wolfe
Monday, Mar 29, 2021
Too far away to personally deliver. Hope this helps.