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This is directly from Troy Ennis' Go Fund Me page. My name is Tami McGraw and my son is a player on the Northwood High School Football team with Troy. Hello Everyone, My name is Samantha (Sami) Ennis, and I am setting this account up for my little brother Troy. My family and I recently found out that Troy, at only 16 years old, has bone cancer called Ewing's (pronounced yoo-ing) sarcoma. What is Ewing's sarcoma, you ask? It is a very rare type of cancerous tumor that grows either in the bones or in the tissue surrounding the bones. It is typically found in the long bones of people aged between 10 and 20 years old. If it metastasizes, this cancer can move to other bones or even the lungs and brain. Symptoms include bone pain, swelling, fever, and tiredness. Some background on Troy: Up until two months ago, Troy was a normal 16 year old. He was a sophomore in high school who towered over all his friends at 6'3", and he was playing football in the spring because of the pandemic. One day at practice, Troy sprained his ankle (or so we thought). After several weeks of taking a break Troy went back, only to be hurt again. My parents took him into the doctor, who explained that Troy had some torn and strained ligaments and said to give it more rest. After another couple of weeks, Troy went back and participated in football practice, only to call my dad crying because he was in so much pain. Troy was immediately sent to a podiatrist, and scans revealed a tumor in his left foot. Over the last couple of weeks we have been holding our breath as scans and workups have been done to determine what the tumor means. We were told on April 9th that Troy has cancer. At this time recommended treatment includes chemotherapy and possibly radiation. Troy is expected to spend the next 6-9 months (starting this week) in and out of the hospital, and it is going to be the fight of his life. With that being said, we are going to need your help. We are looking at months of chemo, radiation, pills, and so many other expenses. With only one family member currently working, these bills are quickly going to overwhelm us. Many people have asked if they could help in some way, and well, this is it. If you donate, you will be helping us give Troy the best care he deserves. That is our top priority. For those of you who know us personally: Thank you. We see how much you care and we know that you have our backs, and for that we can not thank you enough. These next couple of months are going to be unbelievably hard, but you have all given us the relief of knowing that we are not alone. It is times like these that you realize how truly amazing a community can be. For those of you who decided to help some strangers: Thank you as well. My family truly appreciates anything you are willing to give, and I personally thank you for easing some of the financial strain on my parents. With so much going on, you have given them one less thing to worry about and allowed them to focus on helping their son. If anyone would like to follow Troy's journey, I will be keeping this page updated as I get new information. I will most likely add the new information at the bottom of the original post with some asterisks and the date of the update. Thank you all again, Samantha (Sami) Ennis


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The Glick Family
Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021
Christian is a classmate & track teammate of Troy’s. Our prayers for you all during his treatment.