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Meal Train for

The Salomao-Schmidt Family

The Salomao-Schmidt Family

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As many of you already know, Maria has recently been transferred to hospice care. During that time the family had come down with COVID. Everyone but Doug had mild symptoms, but Doug's symptoms were much more severe and he had to be hospitalized. He is doing okay but we are not sure when he will be coming home due to his oxygen requirements. Many of you have been reaching out and offering help and well wishes. We have created this meal train as a way to help organize meals and donations. If you would like to donate a meal that would help give us one less thing to worry about. Donations would also help with healthcare support for Maria while Doug is still in the hospital. Thank you all for your love and Support!! It means so much to us ❤️❤️. Here is the link for the “meal train”


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