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The Richmond Peace Team (RPT) is a collective that establishes youth-led and centered spaces working to empower skill-building around self-regulatory behavior through creative curriculums, self-love, and self-advocacy practices.
 Thank you to all those that are rallying behind The Jackson Ward Youth Peace Team Meal Train and our mutual aid collection efforts. Our foundational program, The Jackson Ward Youth Peace Team needs your continued support to help bridge food access gaps for students and families, to support sustained youth-centered programming. Our youth leaders will continue to be active and consulted in every decision and effort! We have collaborated with Gilpin residents to generate a list of needs and will be using the funds we raise to ensure access to programming, household needs, and sustainable operations. The Jackson Ward Youth Peace Team is excited to be partnering with Stoplight Gelato Cafe, a beloved, local Jackson Ward business, as a drop-off point for folks to continue to donate supplies and non-perishable food to our mutual aid efforts in support of Gilpin Court families. We will be accepting donations every Monday and Thursday from 1 pm-3 pm outside of the storefront located at 405 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA, 23220. Below is a list of needs that we are still collecting: ** indicates a high priority - Bleach** - Gloves (disposable and dish gloves)** - Spray Bottles** - Paper towels** - Dishrags/sponges** - Boxes to distribute food - Oodles of Noodles - Peanut Butter - Jelly - Bread - Dish Soap - Crackers - Bottled Water - Canned Tuna - Canned Soup - Trash bags - Bananas - Apples - Carrots - Onions - Potatoes - Cabbage - Broth (of all kinds) - Juice - Pedialyte - OTC Medicine Please only drop off during the specified days/hour and contact Christina at christina@richmondpeaceteam.org if you cannot make the above time-slots and want to donate or volunteer. Thank you all, and please continue to spread the word, The Richmond Peace Team

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