Judith Cohen

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Judith Cohen is having a complete shoulder replacement on October 11th and will be in the hospital for one to two days. After that, she would greatly appreciate a meal train three days a week from October 13th through November 8th. Meals for one adult and one teenager. Elyza is highly allergic to tree nuts, so no nuts, please. They eat primarily vegetarian food. No raw onions or heavy garlic. Judith's doorbell is a bit hard to find. All three buildings in my complex have the same address: 1489 Steele Street. Do not be deceived by a call box outside a small lobby. That is the wrong building! Walk south from Colfax on Steele. Look for a stairway and gate between a three-story condo building and a row of two-story townhomes. The call box is on the gate shown in the photo. The code is 5157. Once inside, turn right at the first hallway. Take the elevator to the second floor. Turn right. Number 212 is at the end on the right. Please call or text 303-246-2389 to arrange a drop off time.

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