Still rolling!

Posted Apr 11, 2016 by Ann Rolke

Hi and thanks so much for taking part in the meal train and errand running for Brad and Kate. Your support has been invaluable to them. With Brad still in the hospital, Kate still needs help with dinners and tasks. Brad's father is in town (his mom has gone back to Canada for a bit), so I reduced the number of servings needed to 2 adults and 2 kids. If you haven't read the latest update on the blog, be sure to catch up at https://aspiringchimera.com/ Thanks for being part of the support team!


All aboard the Buchanan meal train!

Posted Dec 1, 2015 by Ann Rolke

Hi all, I hope you had a relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving. Kate has asked that we get the meal train back up and running, as Brad was in the hospital recently and is basically housebound for now. Just a couple of meals a week this month would be helpful, then in January, Brad will have the stem cell transplant and we'll up the assistance. If you're feeling overwhelmed with holiday planning already, restaurant delivery and gift cards are always a great option. Thanks so much for all your help. Email me or Kate with any questions.


Buchanan/Washington meal train

Posted Jun 26, 2015 by Ann Rolke

Hello and thanks for being part of the village to support Brad, Kate, and the girls! At this point, with Brad stable and summer upon us, Kate thought that she might only need two dinners a week to supplement. No need for daily check-ins although, of course, texts and calls are always welcome. I figured I'd just keep this train moving, as they may need it more frequently again in the fall if Brad has a surgery he's contemplating. Thanks for your kindness, Ann


Kate and Brad's village

Posted Jun 3, 2015 by Ann Rolke

Hi all, Thanks so much for your support of Kate and Brad while they're going through this extremely trying time. I've extended the calendar dates for sign-ups through the end of the month, so if you can help again, please do. Or if you can think of anyone else who might be interested in joining the village, forward the link! P.S. I heard from Kate that Brad's partial to cookies these days, if you want to include some in a meal.