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Charles Miller Family

Charles Miller Family

About this Meal Train Plus

Cathy Miller had cancer and passed away in April. Cathy touched hundreds of lives with extreme generosity, in particular, in the foster care agency. She was very modest about jewelry, clothing, etc always saying the money could be better spent helping children or others. Her husband, Chuck, is teacher, and is now a single parent with six children (five at home) to care for. The children are ages 17, 15, 10, and two 3-year-olds. If you can help with a meal or financial donation, please sign up below. More important than any financial donation is your gift of time as Chuck's schedule is extremely thin considering housework and transportation of children in all age groups. Please be aware that one child has a nut and egg allergy (listed below). Other than that, they enjoy all types of food. If you cannot accommodate him simply please advise and separate arrangements can be made. Gift cards to restaurants or grocery stores are also appreciated. Chuck is now teaching at 80% and suffered a 20% pay decrease this year to make mornings more manageable in getting children off to school and daycare. Thank you for your help!


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