Meal Train for

The Jurgovan Family

The Jurgovan Family

About this Meal Train

Hello family and friends! As we all know the Jurgovan family is on a difficult journey together due to Bryan's recent cancer diagnosis. With that diagnosis has come many challenges that they have had to face together. Some of which include Bryan having to take a leave of absence from work, daily treatments that have been physically exhausting for Bryan and those who are taking him back and forth for appointments. As well as a gamut of emotions that has effected everyone involved. Let's come together and try to alleviate some of the daily stress that one of our most loved families is experiencing by hopping on this meal train! Sometimes a home cooked meal made with love is the best recipe to lift someone's spirits and make life just a little easier. When selecting a date please prepare or purchase a meal large enough to feed 3 adults and 2 teenagers. We want their bellies as full as their hearts. :) Thank you for participating and showing the Jurgovan's how much we love and support them through this difficult time. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Thank you!!

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