Meal Train for

Phil and Robin

About this Meal Train

Phil is going to have some major surgery and will require several weeks to heal and recover. He will not be allowed to drive for at least 4 weeks. He is not to lift more than 10 pounds for at least 6 weeks. He and Robin need some support, especially with meal preparation. Let's join together in taking care of both Phil and Robin. What a great way to share God's love! **Please make sure to click on the yellow Review All Instructions box on this page before cooking for them. If you would like ideas or recipes, please email Liz Bee at There are lots of possibilities.

Donations for Phil and Robin


GOAL $300

$300 raised by 7 people.



Mona Carter
Friday, Aug 5, 2022
May your body heal with God’s loving grace.


Susan and Eric Hanson
Monday, Aug 1, 2022


Tuesday, Jul 26, 2022


Carol and Ron Sodetani
Sunday, Jul 24, 2022


Sunday, Jul 24, 2022


C. Harvey Smith
Saturday, Jul 23, 2022


Jeannie Wells
Friday, Jul 22, 2022