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As some of you may or may not have seen on Facebook, Brandi and Troy Owen (a couple of our very dear friends) are going through a devastating tragedy. Just a little earlier this afternoon, their home caught fire. The fire spread to large equipment, horse trailer, flatbed trailers and other items outside of their home as well. Everyone made it out safely and has been accounted for, including their pets and livestock. We are still on scene and will be here for a good while longer. I know they will be going through a lot in the upcoming days, weeks, and months because this is a very overwhelming situation. I do know there will be lots of things that this family will be in need of, and we’ll be communicating those in just a bit. I do know they are now in need of some good horse quality hay. They had 9 round bales that caught on fire and are now destroyed leaving them with nothing to feed. We all know how astronomically high hay prices are right now so donating any amount of hay would help take a huge burden off their shoulders. If anyone finds it in their heart to prepare a dinner meal, gift cards, or some horse quality hay, please let Kris or Alena know. The Owen family has always been there to lend a hand to others in need so I’m really hoping that our community can come together and rally around this humble family. Please keep them in your prayers. ❤️


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