Bendickson Family

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Some have heard that Nicole Bendickson passed away unexpectedly. Left behind was her husband and 3 babies. here is a list of what's needed and will be updated every day of what 3 babies need. 2 twins (1 boy 1 girl) Cora under 1 yr old Diapers need Newborn and up and 3/4 for Cora Bath towels and wash clothes Purified baby water Dr Brown bottles Dr Brown Pacifiers Nail care kits for infant Bigger sized garbage cans for diapers with bags Clothes needed: Newborn and up girls Newborn and up boys 18 months and up for Cora Cora does eat baby food and regular foods If ordering to ship please send to this address Bendickson Family 2853 6th St Eau Claire WI 54703 There will also be some containers going up at the gas stations and at Cowgirls and cowboys if approved in mondovi to donate to the family also

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