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Meal Train for

The Ward Family


Last stop on the Meal Train....

Posted Apr 23, 2021 by Tony Ward

Hello dear friends! Since Jenny will be adjusting her dietary habits going forward, and because we've already received so much generosity from you all that we can barely comprehend it all, we're closing down the food portion of the Meal Train. A huge thank you to the Cosas family for setting this up and to everyone who shared their good hearts so generously with our family! You all were the presence of Christ in our lives and we'll never stop being grateful for it. =)


A big blanket thank you (for now...)

Posted Mar 27, 2021 by Tony Ward

Dear Team Jenny members, In the little more than a week since Joan and Christian organized this Meal Train, you've shown us love and support I can't even begin to thank you for adequately... whether you've signed on for a meal, donated money, or wished us well, you've made a huge difference in weathering this whole situation, and we all love you for it. I'm working through the enormous process of thanking folks individually, but I wanted to make sure I said THANK YOU to all of you now! Bless you and thank you for the light and strength you've been to my family and I.


Thank you everyone!

Posted Mar 20, 2021 by Tony Ward

I can't believe the level of generosity (spiritual, emotional, practical, financial, other -ials) that you all are already showing to Jenny and our family. I did raise the fundraising goal to $3000, which would offset Jenny's lost income through this ordeal. Thank you for any help you can provide.