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Brad Malagarie Family

Brad Malagarie Family

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BLOOD CLOT/STROKE after J&J vaccine, Brad, 43 father of 7 Brad had a blood clot and a stroke after taking the J&J vaccine. He was in Ochsner hospital from April 6,2021- April 18 and was then transferred to The Shepard Center in Atlanta on April 19th for rehab. He is unable to talk, write and is learning to walk again. Both parents are now not working as his wife is with him. He could be in Atlanta for 3,4,5 or even 6 more months. The 5 children are staying with Brad's mother and we have set up this account to help feed the children during this difficult time. We could only schedule up through May. I will continue to update as the need continues. You can schedule in advance a meal to be delivered, donate money towards a meal, or cooking meal, and deliver it yourself. Thanks so Much! We appreciate you all!


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