The Family of Loyalti Allah

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This meal train is for a little girl named Loyalti that lost her life on the night of July 24. We don’t want to bombard the family so please contact Sharie Maye 704-261-4950, Tiffany Wilson, 704 -254-6232 or Surluta Anthony, (704) 890-8512 to coordinate meals for the family to be delivered. They are in contact with the school counselor for the family and the family direct. Monroe and surrounding communities , a senseless drive by shooting took the precious life of Loyalties Allah of 1628 Icemorlee St. last night , July 24 , 2021 as she sat innocently with some friends on a picnic table outside her apartment. Just being a little 12 year old girl, drinking a soda and talking with friends went this violent crime occurred. Let’s join together and help this family. Her Mother is Yvette Allah and needs our prayers and support. Help Loyalti’s Family ! ❤️

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