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Rice/Cantrell Family

Rice/Cantrell Family

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Our hearts our broken as we grieve the loss of Kevin Cantrell and the light and laughter he brought into our lives. Kevin was killed in a tragic car accident November 14, 2017. Thank you so much for loving on the Rice/Cantrell Family as they are grieving their son, grandson, and brother. We can all try to imagine how difficult it is to lose a son, but then to also attempt to comprehend continuing to meet the physical and emotional needs of eight remaining children while processing the grief of losing a son and grandson... it's unfathomable. You're help is much needed and so appreciated. If you are unable to bring a meal, please consider donating money. Anything will help. ----UPDATE---- 11/21/17 Thank you to everyone that has so generously donated. I am happy to announce Kevin is coming home! You are all so amazing. Thank you. Your HELP is still NEEDED! Please give generously towards funeral expenses for Kevin and immediate needs for the family. Your generosity is much appreciated! Let's help the Rice/Cantrell family in their time of grief. -------------- 11/16/17 The family would love to bring Kevin home for an open casket viewing so his eight siblings, family, and hundreds of friends can see him and say their goodbyes. The cost to bring him home will be $3,000 and needs to be raised by Saturday. It only takes six people to donate $500 and his family will be able to say their goodbyes in person. Please help us make this a reality for this precious family. If you have a unique way you would like to help the family please contact Autumn Cullen the organizer and she will help facilitate the arrangements.


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