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The Miethe Family

The Miethe Family

About this Meal Train

At around 5pm yesterday Nicole Miethe was taking her young daughter Mercy to ballet. While she was waiting to turn left into the parking lot, a car (with the driver distracted) rammed into the back of the vehicle she was driving. As the distracted car was driving in excess of 50 miles an hour, her car spun into oncoming traffic, where she was hit a second time, this time as part of a head-on collision. The wreck was so bad that the car had to be cut open from the top in order to get my Nicole and Mercy out. Mercy is actually the better off of the two, and although she suffered a skull revealing gash to the back of her head, a fractured clavicle, and some neck damage, she will ultimately be okay. She is resting tonight, and honestly pretty scared still, as anyone her age (or any age) would be, and could use your prayers. Nicole is an entirely different story. When the first impact happened, she threw herself in front of Mercy, and the doctors' credited her instincts with saving Mercy's life. Unfortunately, this action left Nicole open to even greater impact, and the resulting injuries are frankly pretty bad. She has several fractures to her spine, her left arm and right leg are so severely shattered that they require immediate reconstructive surgery, and large holes were punctured in both her colon and her pancreas - they're even saying her colon may need to be completely removed. I don't share this to be negative, or to add any darkness or drama to the situation. I share this because each time my family has ever needed help, my friends, both Facebook and real-life, have gone above and beyond; and have truly shown us the love of Christ and the love of a tight-knit community. Today, we ask that you lift them up in your thoughts and prayers. Mercy and Nicole have both been admitted to the hospital, and although the road ahead is steep, we believe that there is nothing too difficult for God. Meanwhile, the rest of the family also need support; we want to take at least one worry off of this precious family, and make sure that for this first patch, their family is provided a meal and they don't have to worry about that.


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