Meal Train for

Youth Hope Rock Island Center

Youth Hope Rock Island Center

About this Meal Train

Thank you for providing food for the children/teens of Youth Hope! This has relieved a tremendous burden for us both financially and physically! At this time, we are not looking for snacks (Riverbend Food is able to provide snacks for pennies on the dollar). We are looking for individuals, small groups, and organizations to provide a meal (per week or month). We can receive hot meals from restaurants/grocery (Hyvee is great for this) OR Cold dinners (sandwich fixings, lunchables, salad from a bag...get creative). The main concern for health inspectors is that no food is prepared in another kitchen except for a restaurant/grocery kitchen/certified caterer. We are not allowed to heat or reheat any food at our facility. Thank you from the bottom of our little hearts! *Click on "Review All Instructions" for additional info on bringing food*

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