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Stapleton Family

About this Meal Train

Latest Update: Karen's surgery went well and the Dr. really believes Karen will recover nicely and be able to live again without back pain!! There is a very strict 6 week recovery and she has much healing to do. You all have been a blessing and answered prayers to us! God Bless you all!!! More Update: We are sorry to report Karen's back surgery needs to be re-done as the lessor invasive surgery did not get all the shattered disc removed. She will be having the full procedure on Thursday 9-10-2020. We thank those who have provided meals already and to those who will in the next 2 weeks! May God Bless you all for your support and prayers! Update: I’m so grateful for those who have provided us with meals during this nightmare of a back injury and surgery! Unfortunately, 4 weeks post op, I'm not better. They're pumping with pills (steroids, anti-inflammatory and pain pills) and on Friday will be going for my 3rd epidural cortisone shot. From the MRI, it shows the nerves are very angry and inflamed so they're not receding back away from rubbing on my disc. They fear that there is more fragments of the shattered disc and scar tissue is still within the spinal cord canal. If the shot doesn't help by next week, I will be going in for a much less invasive back surgery so they can really get in there and clean it up. I can only pray that the epidural cortisone shot will work Friday but I'm losing hope honestly. I can't sit up or walk long without being in pain. Pills are not for me and my gut tells me it's just masking the real problem. More surgery will mean starting all over. The whole recovery process. I miss my babies. I miss holding them, playing with them and just doing things for them. I’m not good at asking for help. I’m not good at accepting help. I’m good at working hard and finding solutions. But I’m struggling. And I’ll take any help I can get. Just for a while till I can pay it forward. 💗💗💗 (Boy, this is tough for me!) Some of you have asked what you can do to help us with my daughter Karen Martini-Stapleton's back surgery (Noah's Mommy) and taking care of the kids during her 6 week recovery. By dinner time we are so tired, so providing dinner would be great! So I have decided to set up a meal train for those who would like to help us. We have food but just too tired to cook and clean up at dinner time. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks and God Bless!

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