Fr. Chris Gernetzke

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Fr. Chris was asked how the meal situation in the rectory was going, and he said, "I've been subsisting on Chinese food, Culver's, and frozen pizza." Oh no! Let's help Fr. Chris stay fueled so that he can dedicate himself to the sacraments and parish life and not have to worry about grocery shopping. Fr. Chris would LOVE if he received a meal that could last him two days. For instance, if you sign up for a meal, please prepare enough so that he can enjoy it two days in a row. Details: Please indicate the time you'll be dropping off the meal in the sign up notes, and please leave your meal with Sheila in the parish office. If you have any questions, please call Meg at 608-579-0910. We'll try to keep Sheila only as a meal receiver, not meal train coordinator :) Label your Tupperware, and he will place it in the office when he's done for you to pick up. Fr. Chris isn't a fan of olives or mushrooms. Father also said, "I don't get enough vegetables." He doesn't usually eat dessert. If you have questions, please call Meg Matenaer on her cell: 608-579-0910. THANK YOU for taking such good care of your parish priest!

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