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FEED NORWALK HOSPITAL'S DEVOTED STAFF WHILE SUPPORTING YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANTS! The next few weeks are going to be a crucial time for the hospital staff at the forefront of COVID-19. As they care for our community, let's care for them and take care of our local restaurants as well! Here's how: 1. Choose a date and time to donate a meal. Each sign up slot is for 1 team/unit of 20 people. 2. Choose your favorite local restaurant. See a list of some participating restaurants/delis along with price points under General Instructions--Favorite Meals/Restaurants. Many have offered discounted prices (as listed) for the Meal Train.  3. Or pick your own favorite restaurant. Confirm they can make 20 individually packaged/wrapped meals and deliver to NorwalkHosptial.  4. Note all deliveries will be picked up OUTSIDE the front of the hospital. Please consider tipping delivery drivers. 5. Order waters for delivery to the hospital to go with that meal 24pk/$8 Some Options: -No Date Night or Mom's Night Out-no problem! Have a virtual happy hour and use the $ you would've spent on dinner to feed a team at the hospital! -Missing your teammates? Score some good deed points by donating a meal together (e.g. from Westport U13 Girls Soccer Team) -Connect with neighbors by doing something good and donate together! (Colony Rd Neighbors) -Miss your theater, music, or art group? Make something just as beautiful by donating!  -Working from home... get connected beyond Zoom and donate as a business! -Coordinate with Church Groups, Temples, Mosques or any religious organization to donate! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

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