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Osceola County Sheriff's Office

Osceola County Sheriff's Office

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This meal train is being arranged on behalf of the Montalvo family as a thank you to the investigations team for their continued efforts to bring Nicole's killer to justice. Please be aware, you will need to provide food for approximately 150-200 people. (***So far, we have been only able to provide for approximately 40-60 people. If this is all you believe you can provide for, that's fine. Just let me know. :-) ) This will be for the investigations team and all the other departments that are providing support/assistance. ***If you are unable to provide enough for everyone, please send me a message!! We have a lot of people offering to provide one or two small things. One or two small things multipled by many people make a lot of things and enough for everyone. For questions about the drop off, please contact Julianne Vega with the community services office. (407-348-2222 and ask to be transferred to her line) If you have any issues with providing meals on your selected day, please contact Sarah Clatworthy-Lee. For those that donate, the money will be used to provide meals to the sheriff's office on the days that have not been selected. Any additional money left over will be given to the Sheriff's office community services department. ***For those wanting to support the Montalvo family directly, please visit their GoFundMe:

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