One+ year later...

Posted Sep 17, 2016 by Gaby Israel Grinberg

Hi Everyone, This is long overdue...but I just wanted to tell you all how well we are doing, and most importantly, how well Lana is doing! She had her first birthday on August 16th, and since then, has been checking off so many milestones! She is currently 13 months actual, 9 months adjusted and is hitting all her 9-months milestones (and then some!). We are still dealing with some feeding issues (as she is still dependent on her feeding tube), but as of a little over a week ago, she is no longer needing to use oxygen during the day! Lana is over 16 lbs now, and just got her two bottom front teeth. She is rolling all over the living room floor, and ALMOST crawling! She babbles and coos and makes plenty of fun and cute sounds. She is extremely perceptive and very observant. And, she is so cute with her big green eyes, light brown hair and pink pouty lips! We couldn't be prouder of her growth and development over this past year. Mike and I would like to thank you all again for your generosity and friendship (and delicious meals!), and we would love it if you could please email your home address. After all this time, we'd love to send you a little thank you note and some recent pictures of Lana. Even if you think I have your address, if you wouldn't mind shooting me a quick message, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again and we wish you all the best for the coming holiday season! With gratitude, Mike, Gaby & Lana Grinberg


We can't thank you enough!

Posted Mar 23, 2016 by Gaby Israel Grinberg

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to send a quick note and let you all know how incredibly grateful we are for your kindness, generosity and the delicious meals we've received! It has truly been a blessing to have a warm and yummy meal delivered right to our doorstep, as we transitioned to being a family at home, after so many months of being at the hospital with our daughter, Lana. Especially the first few weeks, when her feeding situation was a little hectic, it was such a relief not to worry about how we were going to feed ourselves! Mike and I agreed that it makes sense to end the MealTrain at the end of March, rather than extend in April, as we originally planned. We don't want to burden our friends, family and the lovely folks who signed up (some, mulitple times). Everyone has plenty to do and your own families and loved ones to cook and care for. We also don't want to overstay our welcome. Your generosity, kindness and help have been a tremendous blessing, but we feel it's time for us to start cooking and planning our meals on our own. We also feel that we have been the recipient of so many mitzvahs and blessings with our daughter, and that it's time someone else was on the receiving end. And while you can never receive too many mitzvahs, it's also good to give when you can and we want to do our part to spread the kindness and good karma that we have received from all of you, and others along the way, in our journey with Lana. We want to thank you all for your help, and for providing us such wonderful meals. I also want to thank my dear friends, The Itmans, for spearheading this initiative. Best wishes for a Happy Purim and/or Happy Easter! Mike, Gaby & Lana Grinberg



Posted Mar 2, 2016 by Gaby Israel Grinberg

Dear family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and lovely strangers I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it's been to have a delicious meal ready for us, almost everyday of the week since we've been home with our precious daughter Lana! For the 6 months that she was in the hospital, Mike and I went pretty much everyday to be with her, or at least one of us did. While at the hospital, our food options were limited and often very caloric, greasy, heavy and not always the best quality. But during those 6 months, our focus was on our tiny little princess warrior...our needs usually came second or third behind Lana, work, house responsibilities and our often-neglected dog Samson. (For those who don't know the whole story, our daughter was born 4 months prematurely due to severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. She was 24 weeks gestation, 12 oz and 10.5 inches long. She was in the hospital for a total of 174 days.) Throughout her NICU journey, the one refrain we heard constantly from the neonatologists is that "good nutrition is key" to growing a healthy, strong preemie baby. Well 'aint that the truth for everyone? Good nutrition is key for everyone's mental, physical and emotional well-being. During that time, Mike and I were doing the exact opposite of what was so vitally important for our daughter. We were skipping meals, eating late, eating crappy food, snacking on the fly, not getting enough vitamins, not drinking enough water...you name it. We were operating on "zombie mode." Anything that we could get our hands on at the moment would have to do. Being home these past few weeks have been delightful, exhausting, challenging, wonderful, frustrating and wonderful. We are finally together as a family, the way we intended to be when we decided to have a baby. And while Lana is an absolute joy and delight, she's still a baby with needs...and a baby with medical needs. Our job as her parents is to give her all the love, affection, care, hygiene, education and good nutrition that she needs to blossom into the beautiful, strong person that she is and was always meant to be. And through your loving kindness, generous, delicious and nutritious meals, you have helped us to take care of ourselves and provide good nutrition back in our lives when we need it most. Through this journey, we have learned so many important life lessons (as well as an epic amount of information on pregnancy, birth, prematurity and all the medical jargon to go along with it!). The most important lesson, however, is the lesson of good nutrition, and the huge impact food can have on someone during a time of crisis and stress. It's often hard to know how to support someone during a challenging time in their life...but let me tell you, (you already know!), a good warm meal goes a LONG way. Thank you to everyone, near and far, that have helped us during this time. We look forward to spreading the good karma and passing along a nutritious meal to others in their time of need very soon...once we catch up on some much needed sleep!