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Kristin had been having a lot more back issues than normal this past year and since it had been 13 years since her back surgery, she figured it might be useful to get some new imaging done to see if it could help explain what was going on. Her primary care physician at Legacy Medical Group scheduled an MRI for May 26th. That scan revealed a 3.4 cm mass on her left kidney which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. A CT scan was immediately scheduled for May 31st to get a closer look. That image showed information that was not reassuring to her primary care physician so she was referred to a urologist at the Oregon Clinic. After meeting with the urologist on June 7th, it was determined the best course of treatment would be to perform a robotic-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy to remove the mass, suspected to be kidney cancer. The four-hour surgery will be performed at 7:30 AM PT on Friday, July 20th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. After at least 2-nights in the hospital, recovery at home is expected to be 6-weeks. During that time, without family nearby, Kristin will need to rely on friends in the Portland-area to help care for Cole, prepare meals, get to and from doctor appointments, and pick up prescriptions. All in all, this is the best possible outcome under the circumstances. The mass was caught early and she is expected to be deemed cancer-free as soon as it is removed from her body. She should not need any radiation or chemotherapy. Her kidney will be monitored for approximately 7-years to assure the mass does not return. Once fully recovered from surgery, she should not notice any difference in her day to day life and should be able to resume her adventures with Cole exploring and photographing the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If you would like to help but do not live in the area, donations are being accepted to help cover Kristin's lost income due to the gap between her accrued PTO and when she can return to work full-time.


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