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Johanna Mitchell

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Dear ones, On March 1, 2018 I met with Dr. Kim Goslin (my bodhisattva neurologist) at Providence Neurology in Portland, OR. Dr. Kim ran a bunch more tests and concluded that my nerve difficulties are progressing and are now in line with ALS, albeit a slowly-progressing form. Since that time I have had several appointments with my amazing team of caregivers to explore all options of treatments and resources available to me. Dr. Goslin and I have decided not to start treatment with Radacava at this time as it would preclude me being able to swim for half of the month. She is not convinced it would improve my quality or duration of life. If you would like to help, and you live nearby, we have entered a few times in the calendar for assisting with household chores etc. If you don't live near me, I would appreciate cards and texts and photos of you and your loved ones to brighten my day. We will add more to the calendar soon. I am continuing to collect alternative words for the acronym als e.g. Always Loving Splendidly, to use in my art journal. I may not always have energy to respond to every text, email or card but please know that I love and appreciate you all. Check back to this site for updates and to leave me messages. Most sincerely, Johanna